Niki Jamieson Commercial Art: Product Posters & Product Web Page for Leonardo Physical Therapy

Products Poster and Products Webpage for Leornado Physical Therapy

Leornado Physical Therapy realized they were leaving money on the table after years of recommending home care products to their clients from

Gathering Information
They explained their process and we came up with a solution that would give their client many easy opportunities to purchase the home care products they have been recommending for years, only LPT would benefit from Amazon Associates Program. So, we created an Amazon Associates Account for LPT, worked out a list of the top recommended home care items and created the unique links to those products. Once we got the links, we created QR codes of each product.

Products Webpage
I designed a products page in Wix using their existing design for interior web pages. Each product was given a title, image and unique LPT button link to buy the product.

QR Code Poster
I designed several posters for the staff therapists to have handy for clients to scan during their session. Each product listed had a title, image and QR code for easy and quick use, so as not to take up the much-needed rehabilitation time.

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