Niki Jamieson Fine Art: Faeries & Frogs

"Faeries & Frogs"
Acrylic on Canvas By Niki Jamieson

I am so in love with this painting! It has sat idle in my head for 25 years as I would get overwhelmed with piecing together the composition and colors.

A couple of weeks ago I felt incredibly inspired to go for it! I did my research online and made a composite sketch using the elements I imagined would work best in this image.

The younger me only imagined the faerie, lily pads and water. The me-who-is-25-yrs-older imagined some cool new pink frogs indigenous to faerie land called Rosea Venenum Telum Rana. They are a really spectacular breed, if you don't know. They use their pink color as camouflage to keep themselves safe from the wizard Egrets, a very hungry bunch, who seem to be immune to their poisonous pink skin.

I thought I was finished with the painting at one point but HATED how the background lily pads looked. So I painted them out and texted a friend: I'm either going to hate myself for doing this or paint a masterpiece.

I had some lunch, did some more research on ponds, set up a composite and started painting. I can't always say my art gambles pay off, but this time I think it did.

Enjoy the photos of the painting in progress.

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