Niki Jamieson Fine Art: Welcome to Hampton Beach

Purchase Prices

Welcome to Hampton Beach
12" x 36"
Acrylic on Canvas

Original Painting: $385
Print (Enhanced Matte Paper): $75

How to Purchase:

  • Venmo the full amount to:
  • Email and include your name, phone number and address.
  • Local orders can be picked up at my home or delivered for free. If you are out of the area, please be aware that an additional fee will be added to the cost for shipping and handling, which will be collected before the print is shipped.

Do You Know?

  1. Do you know which building the Americana is?
  2. If you have been to Hampton Beach in the last few years, you'll notice there is a now parking lot where the yellow building once stood. Do you know the name of the restaurant that occupied the yellow building?
  3. Do you know which business is located in the blue building next to the Americana is?
  4. Do you know which businesses are located in the gray building on the other side of the Americana?
  5. Do you know which airfield the airplane took off from?

Answers: Tallest building in the middle, Jerry's Subs, Buc's Lagoon (mini-golf), Preston Real Estate and Sand & Santa Gift Shop, Hampton Airfield

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