Niki Jamieson Fine Art: Mike & Mandy Wedding Present

"Mike & Mandy"
Acrylic on Canvas By Niki Jamieson

This was a commissioned piece to celebrate the wedding of Michael and Amanda Oakes in September, 2022.

As creative people, they didn't want a standard wedding painting but a creative one that depicts the incredible uniqueness that is being brought together in their marriage.

The bride is an avid reader with her favorite book being The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman and the groom loves playing guitar.

Using one of their wedding photos (taken by Danielle Restaino) as inspiration, I painted the beautiful couple standing under a tree as a Polaroid picture on top of Mandy's favorite book, which is on top of sheet music of their wedding song: A Million Dreams. Mike's favorite red and black guitar pick sits at the top of the pile.

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