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Adult Acrylic Painting Class

Every Wednesday night our group sets up their art spaces in their own home, in their comfortable clothes, with their favorite beverage and paint together on Zoom. Students vote on the painting they'd like to use as an inspiration and Niki takes them through the journey of painting it. Most paintings take 4 weeks, but occasionally there is that painting that takes 5 weeks

Kid's Art Classes

These young artists will experiment with multi-media such as, crayons, markers, tempera paint, oil pastels and more while learning basic art techniques rooted in Art History. The best part is, they are just having fun -- they have no idea they're learning anything! I hope your fridge is huge because your artist will bring home some masterpieces.

Art Workshops

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw or paint a certain thing but unable to find the right class? These workshops are geared toward specific skills. They will give you a basic foundation to then go on and create your own masterpieces.

Click below to view the gallery of student artwork. You'll find samples from the kid's art classes along with samples from the adult acrylic painting class.

Click below to see what each class is doing from week to week. View the adult acrylic paintings step-by-step along with the the materpieces from the weekly kid's classes.