Adult Painting Class 2: A. Read

We learned PATIENCE.

I forgot to post a picture of week 1, which was probably good because it didn't look like much! During week 1, we painted in a base for the blue part of the sky and the snow. We used just a light blue and white to map out the area with broad strokes.

This week (week 2), we painted in the warm colors of the sunset. Once done, we went down to the snowy area and beefed up the contrast with blacks, grays, blues and whites. We also built a fence over there on the right side. Everyone confessed that they wanted to trash their painting last week but are glad they stuck it out.

Looking forward to next week when we can add the silhouetted trees with their snowy, sunset highlights. I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks about the finished painting. Stay tuned!!!

Acrylic Painting Class
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