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    • $35 per class (2h class) - This instructor-led zoom class is a "How-to" step-by step art class that focuses on a specific art skill. These workshops will give you a basic understanding of that specific art skill.
    • Tuition must be paid in full before the session starts. Cash or Venmo (@NikiJamieson) accepted. You'll see my black and white photography logo. Please put a cupcake in the comments spot.
    • All classes are taught via Zoom. Students should be prepared and online 5-10 minutes before the class begins. Class starts promptly at stated time. Late students will be admitted but will need to catch up on their own before interacting with the class.
    • Classes will be confirmed when 2 students have registered and paid. If only 1 student signs up, the options are: A) Full refund, B) Pay $50 for a private session.
    • Cancellations and Refunds - With the class sizes so small, each tuition is vital to the running of the class. 50% credit will be given towards a future workshop if you cancel up to 48 hrs prior to class. No refund will be given within 48 hrs of the class. Teacher cancellation - If the teacher is unable to teach the class at the designated time due to sickness or emergency, the class will be refunded fully or rescheduled based on a convenient date agreed upon by attending students.


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    Now that all the admin stuff is done -- LET'S HAVE FUN!!!!!